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Do you get Chronic Headaches or Migraines?

There are many reasons why you may be having chronic headaches. here are some common reasons why:
Misaligned Vertebrae in the neck area:

Anything can cause the vertebrae to move out of alignment – sleeping wrong, infections, stress, car accidents, sports injuries, a fall etc… Any of these things can be a trigger for chronic headaches. When a vertebrae moves out of alignment in the neck – this misalignment can cause headaches, insomnia, anxiety, ear infections. A Chiropractor addresses this issue and can move the bones back into place. A headache can go away instantly by getting adjusted. There can be underlying issues that are causing the misalignment in the neck like food allergies or sensitivities, stress, sleeping wrong and infections.

Here is another link to check out about neck pain and choosing the right pillow to help with headaches:

Food Additives, chemicals and Allergies:

When you eat something that you are allergic or have a sensitivity to then your cervical vertebrae in the neck can move out of place putting stress on the nerves and causing a headache. These can be minor headaches or massive migraines. I had a patient that was doing really well. One day she called the office because she couldn’t leave her closet, she had to stay in a pitch dark quiet place for any type of relief from her migraine. When asked if she had changed anything in her diet or was eating any type of artificial sweeteners she said that the only thing that was different in her diet was a low calorie fruit beverage. I told her to read the label and sure enough there was aspartame in it. Once she stopped that – her migraines stopped. Here are some common food triggers for headaches and migraines: Chocolate, artificial sweeteners, gluten, wheat, corn, eggs, yeast and grains.

The best type of diet for migraines is a Paleo type diet and to eliminate the foods that may be a trigger for your headaches. We work with food sensitivities in our office and have been able to help people eat foods that they were having a problem with. Sometimes it can be as simple as a lack of enzymes and or a lack of hydrochloric acid.


Stress can be a factor for just about any type of health issue. Exercise, eating right, drinking water and nutritional support can help you handle stress better and get rid of chronic headaches. Magnesium and really good whole food B vitamins are also excellent at helping your body by providing nutrients that you may be lacking.

Poor Circulation

Poor circulation can also be linked to headaches. There are natural things that you can take to help improve circulation like fish oils, EDTA, gingko, and a product called Phosfood to name a few. When I was in Chiropractic school I was getting really cold hands, headaches and could not focus very well. I added a supplement that had phosphoric acid in it and a couple of other supplements that had gingko etc. Everything changed – my hands were no longer cold, I could focus and I started feeling better overall.


Any type of infection can affect the nervous system and cause chronic headaches. Keeping the immune system up is important to help fight off infections in the body.

A lack of Vitamin D is very common and can be the reason why you could be catching a lot of colds and infections.

There can be more serious reasons that you could be having chronic headaches. Make sure that you check with your doctor to rule out anything else that might be a serious underlying cause.

If you need help with finding out what type of supplements would be helpful and tailored for you then don’t hesitate to call our office: (678) 445-2746. We work with patients all over the country.

Best of health,

Dr. Chris Ambrosio D.C.

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