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If you’ve ever gone to a social event where you didn’t know anyone, you know how uncomfortable that can make you feel. Our goal is to eliminate every shred of apprehension and make you feel at home.

Since chiropractic care can involve a few visits, it’s important to feel comfortable. The more you understand who we are, what we do and why we do it, the better results you’ll enjoy. It’s as simple as that.

So, check us out here. Poke around. Get to know us. Then, contact us to make an appointment so we can get to know you.

New Patient Forms:

If you want to fill out paperwork before you come in – please click on the links below:

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Your First Visit

You will be greeted by Ilana and given paperwork to fill out about your health history, then you will meet with Dr. Ambrosio. He will go over your health history and health concerns. He will tell you about what we do and the different services we offer that might suit your particular needs. If this is an initial Chiropractic visit then Dr. Ambrosio will do a Chiropractic exam with you.

Based on Dr Ambrosio’s recommendations we will set up a plan so you can get started on the next step to improve your health. If this is an emergency visit, we can discuss options with you to start your pain relief right away

Your Second Visit

Dr. Ambrosio will go over a full report of his findings from your examination. You’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment and he will discuss his recommendations for your full care plan. Since Abundant Health & Wellness Center, Inc. offers so many options to fit your individual needs, we will discuss our other services that can speed your healing.

Your condition will be regularly re-assessed to be sure we are seeing the progress needed to help you see results and reach your health goals. Any necessary changes to your care plan will be made.

How long do I continue going?

We work to correct your problem as quickly as we can. Once you are out of pain, we recommend maintenance care. It is easier to stay well than to get well, so once you are feeling good, it is important to maintain this with maintenance care.

These once a month visits will be the best health insurance you’ll ever have, since they will help prevent future injury.

Do you still have questions on how we could help you to optimal health?

Give us a call today! (678) 445-2746

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