Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Solutions in Woodstock, Ga.

When Patrick first came in to our office he was struggling to make it through the day at school. After about 3 visits he was able to go through a full day of school and spend time with his friends. For 7 years he had been to several m.d.’s and natural doctors but was not able to get better. Now he is living a normal teenage life – going to school, hanging out with friends and going on trips.

One of the main tools that we use when we have a chronic fatigue patient is to test them using one of our computerized health screenings to help us determine weak areas in the body and what might help to bring these areas back into balance. We also have an amazing therapy called the Magnesphere that really helps with this type of condition. By integrating these tools along with kinesiology, body balance technique and several other types of therapies and/or adjustments we have had really good success with major chronic fatigue. We have had several cases of patients that couldn’t even drive themselves here. Now they have full time jobs and have their lives back. Getting results like this makes our job very fulfilling and exciting.

If you know of a friend or family member that is struggling with this type of condition give us a call at (678) 445-2746. We work with patients all over the country as well as in the Woodstock, Ga. area.

Best of health,

Dr. Chris Ambrosio

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