Woodstock Chiropractor & Alleviating Knee & Back Pain

Father Evaristas was having a lot of pain in his knees. After his first visit he noticed a big difference in his knee pain and within two weeks his knee pain was gone and he could stand up straight again without any pain. Initially he was getting up several times a night and wasn’t sleeping very well. Now Father Evaristas is sleeping much better.

When I work with a patient to help with knee pain, back pain etc. I will do different types of Chiropractic adjustments. I implement kinesiology to help me determine what type of adjusting and what type of techniques that I should use for that individual case. Sometimes there is more going on that can cause an interference in the nervous system besides a misalignment in the spine. For example: if there is a manganese deficiency then you can have weak ligaments that can make it difficult to hold an adjustment. We check to see if there is a deficiency that might be contributing to the back or knee pain.

We also have a high powered LED system that helps reduce pain and inflammation. By utilizing these tools and techniques we are able to pin point what is causing the pain or discomfort and how to remedy the situation.

There is help out there for people that are having issues like this without having to take medications and have surgery. There are times when those are needed but we always try to help heal the body naturally first.

If you have a friend or family member struggling with joint pain, or back pain, call us at 678-445-2746 for a Free consultation. You can see results very quickly in many cases just one visit.

Best of health,

Dr. Chris Ambrosio D.C.

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