Solutions for Digestive Pain in Woodstock, Georgia

Digestive Solutions for Abdominal Pain After Eating:

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Many people get abdominal pain after they eat. This of course is not what should happen and can be very stressful to deal with. There can be many causes for this condition and we have seen and helped a lot of people with this problem. The first thing that we look at is their history. Have they been out of the country? Have they been on a lot of antibiotics? Do they have a lot of stress in their life? All of these things can be contributing to their digestive problems. Fortunately we have many tools, systems and techniques that we can use to help resolve this issue.

Through our testing we can see what type of nutritional supplements that can help as well as other therapies. Sometimes it’s as easy as incorporating a probiotic with enzymes and a hydrochloric acid based supplement. As we get older our bodies don’t have the same amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach as when we were young so we have to give it a little help.

Some things to try if you are having these types of digestive complaints:

  • Try eliminating dairy from your diet for 2 weeks to see if this helps
  • Cut back on meats because they can be hard to digest.
  • Add in a good probiotic and or pre-biotic.
  • Add in an enzyme supplement.
  • Add in a good supplement that provides hydrochloric acid.
  • Magnesium is very helpful because most people are deficient in it.
  • Apple Cider vinegar can be helpful too.

Magnesium used to be more prevalent in our foods because farmers used to rotate the crops to help maintain the mineral content in the soil. That practice isn’t followed as much today. Magnesium and minerals in general help start the whole digestive process so it is important to make sure you have enough magnesium in your diet.

If Apple cider vinegar or the supplement that contains hydrochloric acid burns your stomach then you might have irritation in the digestive tract and or stomach. This can be an indication of an ulcer as well. If you feel that you might have an ulcer then you would want to see your medical doctor.

There are some natural remedies to help heal the digestive tract: Aloe Vera juice is very healing as well as chlorophyll.

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“We are not diagnosing or treating any specific condition or disease. These are recommendations of some things that we have found very helpful.”

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