Wrist Pain Solutions for People in Woodstock, Ga.

When we met this very nice young man he was contemplating surgery due to the extreme wrist pain. He was working as a waiter and had to handle large trays of food so wrist pain was really affecting his life. He could barely lift the trays because of the pain. He had been told by a couple of doctors that he had to have surgery on his wrist in order to get rid of the pain. I used the high powered Halo System on his wrist, adjusted him and his wrist pain was completely gone in a matter of minutes!

There are alternatives to surgery. The Halo system helps reduce pain and inflammation. People also don’t realize that Chiropractors not only adjust the spine but they also adjust everything from hands, toes, ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists etc…

By utilizing kinesiology based techniques – that helps me determine how to adjust you. I don’t adjust everyone the same way.

IF you are experiencing wrist or hand pain then give us a call. Many times there is an easy solution and you may be able to avoid surgery too.

Best of Health,
Abundant Health & Wellness Center, Inc.
Dr. Chris Ambrosio
(678) 445-2746

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