Severe Neck and Back Pain Help in Woodstock, Ga.

Dr. Debrincat was in a severe car accident years ago that left him in chronic pain. Being a Chiropractor he was able to help so many of his patients get better but it is hard to work on yourself. This particular day Dr. Debrincat came into the office and could barely walk. He was holding onto everything in order to be able to walk down the hall to the treatment room. Dr. Ambrosio did a couple of kinesiology based Chiropractic techniques and Dr. Debrincat was able to walk out of the office without any pain.

When someone is in a lot of pain there are ways to help that individual sometimes in just one treatment. Because of the type of kinesiology based adjustments and techniques we have been fortunate to be able to get people out of severe pain quickly. Dr. Ambrosio will also give you some advice as to what you can do to help the healing process when you are at home. Depending on the type of strain or injury – he might recommend ice – heat or certain types of stretches as well.
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Best of Health,
Dr. Chris Ambrosio D.C.
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