Chronic Headache Solutions And Tips in Woodstock, Ga.

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When Evan first came into the office he had a chronic headache for 3 straight months without any relief. He had been to many doctors and had numerous tests run. Nothing helped relieve his headaches. His mother said that he couldn’t go out and play, swim etc…. He would just have to lay down all of the time because of the constant headache.
We started with computerized health screenings, Magnesphere as well as kinesiology based adjusting. When I first saw Evan I could barely touch him to adjust him because of the pain that he was in. It took a couple of weeks to completely eliminate the headaches but every visit he had improvement in the muscle pain and tenderness.

Headache Tips:

If you suffer from severe headaches, here are some tips to try: Make sure to eliminate all diet sodas and artificial sweeteners from your diet as well as MSG. That alone can be the cause of the headaches. The next recommendation is to eliminate gluten and dairy to see if that helps. A lot of times certain foods can trigger headaches. Getting adjusted is extremely important for headaches because if the spine is out of alignment then that can cause a pinched nerve and the pinched nerve can be causing the headaches. I recommend finding a Chiropractor that also utilizes kinesiology. Kinesiology can help pin point exactly how to adjust a patient to get the best results.

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Best of Health,
Dr. Chris Ambrosio D.C.

“I am not treating or diagnosing any condition or disease. I am helping the individual get back into balance through diet, nutrition and Chiropractic care.”

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