Sciatica Help in Woodstock, Ga.

Do you have shooting pain down your leg? That pain running down your leg is called sciatica leg pain. Sciatica leg pain usually happens on one side, and can be extremely painful. This pain is generally from compression of the sciatic nerve due to a herniated disc or bone spur. A lot of people encounter sciatica leg pain after an injury or car accident.

Sciatica Leg Pain symptoms can cause:

Tingling in the Extremities and Feet

Shooting Pain down the Legs and into the Feet



Muscle Weakness

Lack of Mobility

Constant Pain

being Unable to Find a Comfortable Position to Sit in

You will be happy to learn that Sciatic Leg pain relief can come very quickly with the proper therapy and adjustments.

Here at Abundant Health & Wellness Center, we have the right tools and therapies to help you quickly get relief from this painful problem.

Check out the video below. Dr. Mark came into office and had to hold onto the walls in order to walk. He left the office feeling so much better and was able to stand up straight and walk without pain.

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