Foot Pain Help for People in Woodstock, Georgia

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When Mr. Docherty came into the office with severe foot pain due to injuring his foot during a basketball game I used several therapies and kinesiology based Chiropractic techniques to help him alleviate his foot pain. By the time he left the office his foot was almost 100 percent better and he was able to walk on it without any pain.

One of the therapies that I used with Mr. Docherty is the high powered Halo system. This tool works really well to diminish pain and inflammation. After the Halo treatment I adjusted his spine, knee, ankle and foot. It is important to check and adjust the whole body because having a structural imbalance can cause an imbalance in other parts of the body. For example if your wrist is bothering you it could be that your neck is out of alignment. I check the whole body to make sure that we correct anything that can be contributing to the pain and discomfort.

If you have a muscle strain such as a sprained ankle then I recommend the RICE method right away to help with the pain and inflammation. The RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This can help start the healing process. I also recommend getting adjusted in order to make sure that the bones are not misaligned because that can cause a lot of pain and problems down the road.

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Best of health,
Dr. Chris Ambrosio D.C.

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